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Renew Your Thinking – Don’t be niaeve!

January 17, 2013

Reviving your cash flow may not happen if you fill out a survey on line or enter a contest.  These often are no more than leads for various companies that will call on whatever phone number you put on the survey.    If you indicate on any of these that you are interested in making money, watch out.  I bought into one that is an advertising program then you are to set up a website to sell an item on line.  The program has many leads of companies you can buy products from to sell on this website, affiliate organizations, wholesalers, and all the services you need to service your customers.  Also there are referrals for legal and financial services.  Each one of the layers costs an additional amount of money.  Also the affiliate and associate programs are the same kettle of fish.  With you paying them to set up a website then they want you to pay someone else to do and advertising program for you.  As you can see this all adds up very quickly to big dollars.

I make the comment on Facebook sometime back that I felt like a lollypop that day.  It was just a nice way of calling myself a sucker.  Not only did I invest in the advertising program, but one of their wholesaler’s memberships.  Now they have called trying to sell the monthly analysis of what is selling best out of their catalogue listings (I’ve passed that up).  There have been calls to market visa and master card that you have to buy into.  CPA (cost per action) companies that will do you a web site or Facebook page and then you have to post things to them.

Yes, I have spent money on three different “money making” investments.  I am attempting to recoup the money I’ve invested but you need much more savvy about Facebook and drawing fans than I have mastered.  It is necessary to be able to draw visitors to your site by your own wits or purchase ads…..  Then there is the cost of your and web hosting too.  Be informed and do not allow the fast talking salesperson draw you in.

Do not be hesitant to tell these people NO and to lose your phone number!  From what I can tell from this experience you need to have at least fifty thousand dollars to invest to cover hiring the various layers of website designers and script jockeys.  Then of course there is inventory, collection, shipping and handling all the unhappy customers.  THERE IS NO EASY BUCK!

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