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Revive Renew Restore – The great tattoo and piercing debate.

November 20, 2012

Tattoos are very popular at the present.  This form of body art has come and gone throughout history.   It can be tasteful, over done or awful.  Even though, we have the right to decorate our bodies as we choose, those decorations can make getting and keeping employment a challenge.  It is within an employer’s rights not to hire an individual with tattoos or to require that all tattoos are covered as a requirement of employment.  It is very important to do serious thinking about getting a tattoo then where to put it and the design.  Each one of these factors makes a difference.  In a world where visual media is king, simply put:  tattoos are a huge distraction.

I know a young man whose father told him not to get tattoos he couldn’t cover until he had established himself in a career.  Dad has single theme tattoos.  The son did not heed his father’s words and has ink from his just below his ear lobe, down his neck and on his arms at least.  He looks like a sample board of various patterns.  As his Dad predicted, he has had difficulty establishing himself in the career he is very capable and talented for.  Check out this article from Burleson Consulting “Professional Dress and Tattoos” at the follow site: .

If you decide that a tattoo you will have, realize there are time, money and pain involved.  Do not do it on a whim!  Select a studio that is clean.  Since needles are used and ink remember there can be contaminated and you might get more than you are paying for.

In the November 6, 2012 edition of the local paper the Dear Heloise column had an article about programs offering referrals for tattoo removal.  Fax your request for a referral to have a tattoo removed to; Tattoo Removal, 210-495-7145.  Include your city, state, a return fax number or phone number.

For more information on tattoos and body piercing go to:

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  1. December 30, 2012 8:00 pm

    I have tattoos (one on my arm) and I always make sure when I go on interviews that it is covered. I’ve been to job fairs at professional society meetings where people have crazy piercings, hair styles, and visible tattoos. With the difficulty of getting jobs right now, I wonder what they are thinking. I’ve had resume experts tell me that the bullets I use on my resume may be too unusual so it seems people are being ultra-picky.

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