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Revive your feet, legs and back!

November 12, 2012

Do your feet hurt?  Do your legs hurt?  Does your back hurt?  Do you stand a great deal of your day?  Let’s think about how to revive renew and restore the feet, legs and back.

The style of shoe you choose to wear makes all the difference in how the feet, legs and back feel.  Are you a flip flop wearer?  These are very bad for all three of those body areas according to the American Orthopedic Association.   In an article by John Whyte, MD, MPH ( he talks about the findings of researchers about the effects of wearing this popular style of shoe.  The long and short of the article is that this style is a bad choice unless you desire to pay the doctors big bills in the long run. We have a personal friend who went through painful reconstructive foot surgery back in May.  She spent 4 months on the equivalent of bed rest and is just now beginning to get around.

Then what style of shoe is recommended?  “Contrary to popular belief, completely flat shoes are not recommended when standing on your feet all day. According to the Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario workers, your heel should be elevated by at least 1/4 inch. This allows the show to have a good arch support. Alternately, shoes with a heel of 2 inches or higher are not recommended.” Read more: The article also states that the toes need plenty of room.
Remember the pointed toe shoes and how they pinch.  Take care of your feet and they will take care of you.  Remember as you shop for that perfect pair of shoes, the heel needs to be not less than ¼ inch, nor more than 2 inches.  You can also find more on the subject at…/thought-heels-were-bad-see-ho .

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