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Revive Your Image

November 9, 2012

Welcome to ReviveRenewRestoreBlog.  I am Diane Fehler a woman of sixty plus years that has been in the worlds of business, education, sales and service during my past work life.  Today’s life is that of a retired grandmother, mother, wife and volunteer.


I am interested in sharing with you ways to revive renew restore many aspects of images presented to the world and also the one we present to ourselves.  What is your image when you go to the grocery store, shopping, work, out for dinner etc?  Do you like that image?  What does your image say to the world?
What do you think when you are faced with someone whose clothing is molded to her body.  The spaces between the buttons gape, each spare tire is accentuated and the continental divide isn’t left out.  Oh my!  I have seen customers and associates that could not keep their eyes off the gape in a blouse to conduct business with a person so dressed.  In my work life there was a young woman this describes that always wore clothes two to three sizes too small.  The boss suggested she get clothing that was a better fit. The result was no better!  Needless to say this temp didn’t get to stay long.  There are books out there to help us know what to wear for our body type, coloring and height.  Two of these are Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It: Your Ultimate Guide to Effortless Style. Revised Edition 2011 by Natalie Jobity (Aug 23, 2010) or  Wear This, Toss That!: Hundreds of Fashion and Beauty Swaps That Save Your Looks, Save Your Budget, and Save You Time by Amy E. Goodmanthat can help anyone know what to look for in clothing,


Reviving her image would not have to be expensive.  Three pair of neutral (navy, black, gray or khaki) colored slacks or skirts of a style flattering to her body shape are a starting place followed by solid color blouses. Once again the styles most flattering for the body type and coloring should be chosen.  With three purchased there are nine different combinations.  To change things up a nice blazer or vest gives even more possibilities.  Our subject now has a revived renewed and restored image.

Oh, you say I forgot the shoes.  The shoes aren’t forgotten.  Let’s talk about them next time.


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